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Crochet Items

Hats, scarves, baby booties, bow ties, swimwear, headbands, bows, purses Starting as low as $10

Doula Services

Virtual Doula Services available! Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, Postpartum, VBAC friendly, VBAC advocate, VBAC experienced! Starting as low as $275

Marriage Solemnization/ Wedding packages

Solemnize Marriage starting as low as $30 Wedding Packages starting as low as $3500

Mommy and Me A.S.L. Classes

Virtual classes start as low as $35 for 6 classes. In person classes starting as low as $75 for 6 classes (refreshments provided) as well as study guides!

Work From Home Consultations

Free Consultations: I will help you find the perfect Work From Home job or opportunity and all I ask in return is for a positive review!

Personal/ Virtual Assistant

I have over 17 years experience answering and making calls, sending and receiving emails, printing,scanning, and faxing documents, sending and receiving invoices, Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business Profile Management, and much more! Starting as low as $25/hour or $50+ per project.

Notary Services

Administer oaths or affirmations. Take acknowledgements. Attest to photocopies of certain documents. Verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs). Certify the contents of safe deposit boxes. Starting as low as $10

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